iLounge™ is an inflatable bed that is made from a special fabric which is extremely lightweight (great for on the go), water-resistant (beach? Pool?), tough (for those hard surfaces) and also environmentally friendly.

iLounge™ requires no pump! Just a bit of fresh air.  No other tools are needed for use. The iLounge™ will stay completely inflated for at least 5 hours. Use it anywhere!

  1. Open the iLounge™ from the side plastic opening
  2. Sway the iLounge™ against the wind to let air in (if there is no wind, simply run a few steps to inflate).
  3. Once the lounge fills with enough air, roll the opening and fasten it with the buckle.
  4. Enjoy! 

  1. Bottle opener on the strap
  2. Bottle holder on left side
  3. 1 cellphone holder
  4. Retractable Sun Canopy
  5. 1 Large Removable Waterproof Pocket – great for tablets, cellphones, magazines and more (perfect for the on the water use)
  1. Do not use near sharp objects
  2. Do not use near fire or other objects with high temperature
  3. Do not jump on the lounge.
  4. Children must have adult supervision.
  5. Do not open the buckle when the iLounge™ is in use. 

Care instructions: Hand Wash As needed

Made of Nylon-Parchute material 
Made in China

Type: Unknown Type

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