• How do you fill up iLounge™ with air?

Fold it out, and pull iLounge™ through the air. It will then be filled with air, and you then just roll it, until the product is filled up, and close the valve.

  • How you empty the air out of iLounge™?

It's just as easy to empty iLounge™ from the air as it is to fill it. Just open the valve again, and roll it out. You can then roll up the product and place it in its bag.

  • How long does iLounge™ keep the air from a single filling?

A full iLounge™ keeps air for 3-5 hours, since it varies greatly by how many people use it, and how it is used.

Luckily, it takes only a few seconds to refill it, so that it again has the perfect shape filled with air.

  • What material is iLounge™ made of?

The exterior of the iLounge™ is made of a Nylon-Parchute material which is super strong .It is produced to withstand many uneven areas. We considered the environment during the creation process. The ripstop nylon is exclusively produced to resist the external influences. 

  • What kind of areas can iLounge™ be used in?

iLounge™ can be used in many places - on grass, the beach, asphalt, and even on snow and water. It makes iLounge™ the clear choice for the beach, parks, festivals, and many other places where you need to relax

  • Is iLounge™ waterproof and does it float?

iLounge™ is made of material which is waterproof and dries super quickly in the sun. When Laybean is filled up with air, there is 700 liters of air in it, so it can easily float on water. It is, however, not manufactured for this purpose. Remember to have respect for the sea and use iLounge™ wisely in the water.

  • What's the maximum weight capacity of iLounge™?
iLounge™ can easily withstand the weight of 3 adults, which is around 250 KG (551 Lbs).  
  • Is it possible to sleep on the iLounge™ overnight?
Ohhhh Yeahhhh...